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Green Vitality Wild Rice Salad

  • Green Vitality Wild Rice Salad
  • Green Vitality Wild Rice Salad

Cooking Instructions

Tonight, try a rice dish that looks great, tastes great, and is packed full of nutrients thanks to microgreens and wild rice. It makes a great comfort food during those colder months.

Wild rice has impressive nutritional profile. Its gluten free like all the other types of rice, but it has a lot more protein, fibre and phytonutrients. It helps to lower cholesterol, great as a post workout meal, perfect for digestion, immunity and overall health.

Packed with minerals and vitamins, and because of its high antioxidant content may protect from ageing. I think that’s the best part. When you combine all of the above with loads of different herbs that are also rich in nutrients it becomes a powerhouse of vitality.

Soak the raisins in cold water. Preferably overnight or at least for couple of hours. Cook the rice according to the packaging instructions. Ones its cooked fluff it with the fork and let it cool in a big mixing bowl. In the meantime chop the red onion and fry it in olive oil until golden brown. Scoop it into the mixing bowl with rice. In the same pan toast almonds, then raisins. Add them into the bowl with the rest of the ingredients. Mix all the herbs and rice thoroughly, season with sea salt and pepper, add a dash of EVOO if you like and a generous squeeze of lemon.


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