About Us - The Microgreen Team

We Are Fully Food Safe & Sustainable

We are an urban farm proudly practicing food safety and sustainability.

How we practice Sustainability & Food Safety

We put great importance on the cleanliness, sanitation and safety of what we produce, and we hope we can be an inspiration to other growers in this area. We also strive to be efficient and continually improve the way we run our farm.

Sustainability has become a major buzz-word these days, and we are following the trend. We have an indoor farm, so there is no need for spraying. Our growing medium and growing trays are recycled and re-used. Our packaging is fully recyclable and compostable. We carefully hand water all our green trays each day to conserve water. We have a low carbon footprint as we don’t grow our greens in large greenhouses that require huge amounts of fossil fuel to maintain the perfect growing environment.

We do these things out of a common sense need to minimize wasted resources, so we can sustain our business now and into the future.

A Message from the Founder

Hi, my name is Oliver. Since 2018 I have become a big believer of nutrition and giving your body what it needs to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I started to educate myself extensively on the benefits of certain foods and the disadvantages of others. I am happy to say I have turned a corner and have changed the way I view food in general. I was introduced to Microgreens by my father in 2019 who already ran his own successful farm in Germany. Needless to say, I was blown away by the health benefits these Microgreens can provide. I started to incorporate them heavily into my diet, especially broccoli and wheatgrass and I am so glad I did.

I believe education is the key to development and I am enthusiastic in shining a brighter light on microgreens and their benefits. I would always recommend to eat your daily greens but I would also suggest adding microgreens to your diet, you will be surprised what effect they have.


Oliver Founder and Passionate Grower

Oliver’s Background in Agriculture

I do have a background in agriculture helping my dad maintain his first herb farm in Fiji in 1994. I was just 13 at the time. We serviced the local market and exported fresh herbs to Europe. It was an exciting time for me and that’s were my interest in agriculture started to grow. Running and managing an urban farm for me, has really opened my eyes. It doesn’t take a large piece of land to grow and cultivate fresh, nutritious and delicious greens.

Growing The Microgreen Team

For us, growing and cultivating premium quality Microgreens is our passion. The Microgreen Team started its operations in September 2021 and we haven’t looked back since. We feel fortunate, blessed to have received such positive feedback and great reviews from our loyal customers thus far. Our approach to growing, handling, service, education and business in general is simple: Grow with passion, handle with care, provide a ten star service, educate our customers and lastly, never neglect any of these 4 points regardless of the size of your business.

Unbeatable Quality & Freshness

The Microgreen Team’s Microgreens have exceptional colour, bursting with flavour and have outstanding shelf quality, due to the care and attention we give to our growing, harvesting and packing methods. These Microgreens are hand harvested to order, at the peak of freshness. Why settle for those lower quality locally grown, stringy, long-stemmed Microgreens, when you can have premium quality at an affordable price.

We grow the freshest Microgreens on the market
With the Microgreen Team, innovation is a way of life

Innovation is our way of Life

With the Microgreen Team, innovation is a way of life. We are continually working to imagine and develop the latest ideas in Microgreens. As a result, we have created several original, unique items. We have several products in development and introduce these new ideas regularly. We also strive to find new and creative ways to continuously educate the community on the amazing benefits Microgreens can provide.

Microgreens are exciting & extremely versatile, we would love to share all our knowledge with you.

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