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100% Pure & NZ’s First Immunity Boosting Megafood Microgreen Powder

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What is Microgreen Powder? Microgreen Powder is without a doubt the best alternative to a person’s daily requirement for vegetables. Not only is the powder 40x more nutrient rich than your standard vegetables, but its easy to integrate into most meals and drinks.

To really speed up your nutritional boost, we recommend using 1x teaspoon daily. However you can be certain that your immune system over a longer period, is well looked after with just half a teaspoon. Our powder is power packed and super concentrated.

It’s also highly versatile when adding into your diet. Integrate the powder into smoothies, protein shakes, juices, green shots, spreads, salads dressings

or add it directly into your main meals as a neutral booster or even flavor enhancer. We have a range of powders for all requirements.

Can’t get your kids to eat their veggies! A pinch in their favorite food and “boom”, they just got most of the daily nutrient requirement.

Is your child spitting out vegies in disgust?

Kids hate vegies, our powder makes it easy

For anyone, including kids who don’t like the sight or taste of vegetables, or just want an easy alternative, microgreen powder is the way to go.

We know how fussy kids can be during mealtime and we do our best to encourage a healthier diet. Sometimes that is easier said than done.

With our Microgreen Powder, your child can enjoy the incredible nutritional benefits of microgreens, without having to look at vegetables. Plus, you will be a lot happier with a stress-free mealtime.

Our powder is produced right here in Wellington, New Zealand. We grow and dry our greens in a controlled, food safe, government approved facility and our powder has no additives, completely natural.

Microgreens are a Mega Superfood – Learn More Here

Our range of all natural Microgreen Powders (Capsule Form)

Deliciously Nutritious, Sustainably Grown Indoors

All Natural Ingredients in Microgreen Powder
No Pesticides used in our Microgreen Powder
Our Microgreen Powder is Vegan Friendly
Our pure Microgreen Powder is made here in New Zealand

Microgreens are exciting & extremely versatile, we would love to share all our knowledge with you.

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