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New 100% Pure Micro Megafood Powders (Capsule Form)

Strict Food Safety

We have strict quality procedures in place, so that our customers receive the freshest produce, every time! Our planting, harvesting and packing areas are sanitized regularly. Grow rooms are temperature and humidity controlled, guaranteeing mold free produce!

How to get your Micro Fix from us

Wellington Deliveries

All local deliveries are carried out personally by our friendly team, right to your doorstep every Tuesday and Thursday.

National Deliveries

We can deliver larger quantities nationwide for commercial customers. Quality assurance guaranteed! Please contact us for further details.

Farmers Markets

We love meeting new people! Farmers Markets provide us with this great opportunity to do just that. Next Market to be confirmed.

Microgreens are exciting & extremely versatile, we would love to share all our knowledge with you.

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