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Using your Microgreen Powder the right way

The key to seeing positive results from microgreen powder is using it regularly. That’s why the best way in Using your Micro Powder is to look at your daily routine, discover which foods or drinks you have every single day, and add your powders to those foods. Microgreen powders are highly versatile, they can be mixed into almost anything.

Start with just half a teaspoon a day and after a week you will already start feeling a lot better. If you want to speed up your microgreen intake and nutritional boost, 1 teaspoon per day for 14 days is recommended. After that, maintaining a regular intake is important.

You can mix the powders into something that has a powerful flavor. Maybe that’s your morning smoothie, mid-afternoon coffee, or post workout protein shake. A fun way to use microgreen powder is to mix it into desserts or use it as a topping.

Another great option is topping your meal with green powder. Try sprinkling our pure, all natural Meal Booster onto bland-looking dishes like mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs to give them a little color and a micronutrient boost.

Whether you’re trying to live a healthier life, you’re training for your next competition, or you want better looking skin and a deeper sleep, microgreen powders make it happen. Microgreens are a Super Superfood – Learn More Here

Adding Microgreen Powders

Micro Powder in Baby Food

Into Baby Food

Micro Powder in Cereal

In your Cereal

Micro Powder on Salads

Sprinkle on Salads

Micro Powder in Sandwiches

On Sandwiches

Micro Powder in Protein Shakes

In Protein Shakes

Micro Powder sprinkled as Seasoning

As Seasoning

Micro Powder in Juices

Into Juices

Micro Powder in Smoothies

Into Smoothies

Microgreens are exciting & extremely versatile, we would love to share all our knowledge with you.

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