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Keep your Micro’s Fresh

Increase your shelf life by keeping your greens refrigerated.

Here are the best ways to store your greens after harvest

What are the best ways to store microgreens after harvest? Even though microgreens are delicate, you can reap their nutritional benefits and flavors by refrigerating them at a consistent temperature. No matter how you choose to store them, make sure they are dry. Microgreens which are wet will become soggy.

Don’t leave them out too long, use them for your meals and place them right back into the fridge – keeping them cool is key to making sure they stay fresh. When stored properly, Microgreens can last up to 14 days (or even longer in some cases). And throughout this time they retain their consistency and taste.

The best way to store your greens to get the maximum life out of them is proper refrigeration in a compostable plastic bag or container. And knowing your fridge helps as well. We have found the vegetable drawers to be the best place to keep your microgreens fresh. When you do decide to place them in the drawers, make sure they are the produce on top of everything. They can easily get squashed. If you decide to keep your micros in the general fridge area, make sure you place a tea towel underneath the compostable micro packaging! 

Have you ever put some vegetables inside, only to pull them out later, covered in ice chips? You can avoid this by taking a look at what’s in your fridge now and gauge if any wonky spots are warmer or colder than others. Usually, the cool air vent is on the top, so avoid keeping your greens there.

Another smart way to know if your fridge’s temperature is accurate is to get a thermometer. They’re inexpensive, and they can give you peace of mind that your food is being kept at a safe temperature.

Keep your fridge between 2 to 4° for optimal microgreen freshness!

Great Freshness – Fridge Compartment

A good way to keep your Micros fresh

Top Freshness – Vegetable Drawer

A great way to keep your Micros fresh

Our compostable Packaging

We have 2 compostable packaging options. Clamshells are generally great for home use and bags for commercial customers. These special packaging options, along with proper refrigeration will guarantee a long shelf life! And what’s also great about compostable packaging, it’s fully biodegradable. Just throw them away into your Bio bin.

Our compostable packaging options keeping your greens fresh

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