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Succulent Popcorn Shoots

Our Popcorn Shoots in Deserts and SaladsOur Popcorn Shoots in Deserts and SaladsOur Popcorn Shoots in Deserts and Salads
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Our succulent Popcorn shoots have elongated, slender leaves with a short stem.

Facts and Knowledge

  1. Our microgreen team harvests fresh microgreens every day to ensure that the different harvest times of the different plants are strictly followed to ensure the highest quality. Environmentally friendly and reusable materials are used for packaging, No mold can appear for 8 – 14 days if stored correctly
  2. The weight information on our boxes is the actual usable plant weight.
  3. If you prefer microgreens in a plant tray, you must consider the following:
  4. Caution! Some types of plants tend to form mold in the root area. Be sure to store dry and ventilate the planting mat. The weight of the products offered in trays includes grow mats, water, roots and packaging this is why the usable plant weight is generally 40-50% below the declaration. For technical reasons, this applies to all suppliers of planters.   Find out what Wikipedia has to say.    

The #Microgreenteam only offers government approved microgreens with eco-friendly and reusable packaging.

The leaves are smooth, flat, and delicate, generally growing in an oval to cylindrical shape, and bear even, curved edges contributing to the shoot’s sleek appearance. With our unique cultivation methods, our Popcorn shoots appear bright to pale yellow, making this crop an ideal garnish for salads and deserts.

We also provide the option of green pop corn shoots. These are slightly more bitter. Please leave a comment at checkout which color your prefer.

In addition to the straight leaves, each shoot will have a white, firm, and crunchy stem. These Popcorn shoots are crunchy, succulent, and tender. They have a distinctly sweet flavor that lingers on the palate combined with a mild corn taste and a tart, grassy undertone and well suited as a finishing element over a wide array of appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. The tender shoots cannot withstand high heat and should be added at the end of the cooking process to prevent the leaves from wilting. The shoots also have a neutral taste, allowing them to be incorporated into sweet or savory preparations.

Popcorn shoots can be tossed into salads, layered into burgers and sandwiches, or placed on caprese as a colorful appetizer. The shoots can also be garnished over roasted meats and seafood, scrambled with eggs, or used as a taco or burrito ingredient. Try adding Popcorn shoots to corn chowders, risottos, or sauteed veggies. The crispy shoots can also be blended into sauces such as pesto or fermented into a corn-mash liquor. Popcorn shoots pair well with jicama, cherry tomatoes, avocado, dill, mushrooms, potatoes, meats such as beef, poultry, and pork, and seafood including fish, shrimp, and crab. Whole, unwashed Popcorn shoots will keep up to ten days when covered to prevent light from penetrating the sealed container and stored in the refrigerator.

For detailed recipe ideas please check out our Recipe Page Here or visit our Youtube Channel Right Here.

As for their nutritional values, Popcorn Shoots are a source of vitamin A to maintain healthy organ functioning, vitamin E to protect the body against free radical damage, B vitamins to promote overall well-being, and vitamin C to strengthen the immune system while reducing inflammation. The shoots also provide calcium and phosphorus to build strong bones and teeth, potassium to balance fluid levels within the body, and other nutrients, including iron and magnesium.

Microgreens are exciting & extremely versatile, we would love to share all our knowledge with you.

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