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The La Jolla Crab Stack

  • The La Jolla Crab Stack
  • The La Jolla Crab Stack

Cooking Instructions

This towering dish might look intimidating, but it’s actually super simple. In fact, it doesn’t require any cooking at all!

The trick is to use a tall mold and firmly pack all of your ingredients into it. If you haven’t got a mold, you can cut the top and bottom off an aluminum beverage can to make one yourself. For a vegan option, just leave off the last layer of crab meat.

This dish only features one layer of microgreens, but feel free to add more if you’d like!

Place a layer of pea shoots in the mold and then top with a layer of firmly packed tomatoes. Place a layer of sliced cucumbers atop the tomatoes, fanning them out to fill the circular mold. Layer the diced mango atop the cucumbers, then add the red onions.

Add a layer of avocado, pushing it firmly into the mold. Add a layer of crab, then while pushing down on the crab with one hand, slowly slide the mold upward to reveal the layered La Jolla Crab Stack. Drizzle with ginger-lime dressing and serve.

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