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Smoothie Nutriblast Mix

Fresh Wheatgrass in compostable packagingFresh nutrient packed BroccoliFresh Wheatgrass Shot
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Our Smoothie Nutriblast Mix is as good as it gets when it comes to healthy smoothie options!

Facts and Knowledge

  1. We harvest fresh microgreens every day to ensure that the different harvest times of the different plants are strictly followed to ensure the highest quality. Environmentally friendly and reusable materials are used for packaging, No mold can appear for 8 – 14 days if  stored correctly
  2. The weight information on our boxes is the actual usable plant weight.
  3. If you prefer microgreens in a plant tray, you must consider the following:
  4. Caution! Some types of plants tend to form mold in the root area. Be sure to store dry and ventilate the planting mat. The weight of the products offered in trays includes grow mats, water, roots and packaging this is why the usable plant weight is generally 40-50% below the declaration. For technical reasons, this applies to all suppliers of planters.   Find out what Wikipedia has to say.    

The #Microgreenteam only offers government approved microgreens with eco-friendly and reusable packaging.

This mix has the effect of 3 superfoods impacting your health in a positive way. It will help keep your digestive system in tip-top shape. About 70 percent of the immune system is housed in the gut, so taking care of it is of paramount importance. This Nourishing Fresh Wheatgrass has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. You can find it in juice bars and health food stores all across the world. Most people consume it as a juice, taking a 30 to 60ml shot on its own or adding a shot to their favorite smoothie or juice recipe.

Our nutrient packed Broccoli looks like a deep green and miniature version of this popular vegetable with a mild and slightly bitter taste that’s very crunchy and dense.

Our Tangy Nutritious Chia is highly nutritious. Tangy in flavor with a slight bitterness – this makes Chia Micro’s great when added to sweeter foods. They also have a delightfully fresh minty scent (surprisingly, chia is actually part of the mint family!)

These 3 superfoods with an additional piece of fruit like an orange or a kiwi fruit for flavor enhancement and you got yourself an incredible smoothie that will add a ton of veggies and fruit into your day without much effort. We recommend using a hand full of Wheatgrass with half the amount of broccoli and Chia, plus an orange in a cold press blender.

In combination, these three Micro varieties will give you a great kick start to the day and will help strengthen your immune system.

For detailed recipe ideas please check out our Recipe Page Here or visit our Youtube Channel Right Here.

Microgreens are exciting & extremely versatile, we would love to share all our knowledge with you.

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